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  • Citysearch - Columbus
    A comprehensive guide to events, movies, hotels, restaurants and more in Columbus. Includes a "best of" search to help you find the best pizza in town and much more!
  • Experience Columbus
    An excellent site for visitors and locals looking for interesting things to do! It includes a membership roster, a calendar of events, and information about accommodations, restaurants, shopping, sports, and nightlife.

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Local Entertainment

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  • All Movie Guide
    Can't find a movie to rent? This website offers reviews, biographies, ratings, images and more on thousands of movies. You are able to search by actor, director, and title. Under each movie you will find a synopis, list of cast and crew, any awards it won, and suggestions for other movies that are similar in style or content. All in all, this is a easy website to use.
  • Internet Movie Database
    Arguably the best website about movies there is. Listed here is information on over 220,000 movies and TV titles. You are able to search by actor, director, production crew, or filming location.
  • Oscar.org: The Official Academy Awards Site
    The official site for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is a movie fan's delight. It includes lists of all the Oscar winners and an Oscar trivia game.

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  • Billboard Online
    The online companion to the print magazine. Included on the site are music reviews, news, and articles, and some of the current music charts.
  • Lester S. Levy Collection
    This collection of sheet music contains almost 30,000 pieces of music. The material focuses on popular American music during the period 1780 to 1960.
  • Recording Academy
    The official site for the Grammy Awards. This is a great site for information on all aspects of the awards. Use the search feature to look all the way back to the first annual Grammy Award in 1958.
  • Rolling Stone Magazine
    The online companion to the print magazine. You can find additional information to the magazine: reviews, news, trivia, and more.
  • Sheet Music Plus
    This is a great site to look for sheet music for popular and classical music. You can browse categories or search for your favorite titles.

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Television & Radio

  • Soap Opera Central
    Find here everything you want to know about your favorite soap opera. This site lists late-breaking news, daily recaps, and other interesting tidbits to keep you up to date on your stories.

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