A Touch of Blue
Cynthia Lord
August 21, 2014

I really loved the way the author dealt with cobbling together a family. This is an excellent book about foster children from the perspective of a child who's receiving a foster child into their home.

Find Momo: My Dog is Hiding in This Book: Can You Find Him?
Andrew Knapp
August 18, 2014

Photographer Andrew Knapp’s border collie Momo hates loud noises and balloons, but he loves traveling and hiding around North America! See if you can find Momo among the landscapes and scenery in this delightful, interactive book for readers of all ages.

Popular: A Memoir: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek
Maya van Wagenen
August 9, 2014

Middle school student, Maya has very few friends and hates how socially awkward she is.  She finds a book published in 1951 on how to be popular and decides to live the book’s advice during her 8th grade year.  This includes girdles, Vaseline instead of eye shadow and gloves.  Maya’s journey is funny, painful and above all, endearing.  She learns that being popular is completely different than what she expected.  Both adults and young readers will enjoy this one.

The Outcast Dead
Elly Griffiths
August 4, 2014

This series features Ruth Galloway a forensic anthropologist in modern day Norfolk, England.  This latest book centers around a Victorian murderess and a current case of a baby snatcher.  Great characters and interesting setting make this mystery series an enjoyable read.

Amy Falls Down
Jincy Willett
July 30, 2014

Amy is an author who hasn't published anything in 30 years, but a bump on the head before an interview leads to off-the-cuff comments that make Amy an Internet sensation. Her story ideas and irreverent observations throughout the book are endlessly entertaining. This is a good pick for writers and readers alike. 

In the Pleasure Groove: Love, Death and Duran Duran
John Taylor
July 25, 2014

Full disclosure, I'm a big Duran Duran fan.  John Taylor takes us on a tour of his life from his childhood to fame, substance abuse and redemption.  If you are looking for a tell all dish on his band mates, you won’t get it in this book.  Instead you get a portrait of a shy boy who falls in love with music and the British art scene.  Much of it is the story follows his struggles with addiction and his battle to become sober.  There is also quite a bit on his love life which is fun.