African American

Interview with Love
Watson, Lisa Y.
Citizens Creek : a novel
Tademy, Lalita, author.

"Cow Tom, born into slavery in Alabama in 1810 and sold to a Creek Indian chief before his tenth birthday, possessed an extraordinary gift: the ability to master languages. As the new country developed westward, and Indians, settlers, and blacks came into constant contact, Cow Tom became a key translator for his Creek master and was hired out to US military generals. His talent earned him money--but would it also grant him freedom? And what would become of him and his family in the aftermath of the Civil War and the Indian Removal westward? Cow Tom's legacy lives on--especially in the courageous spirit of his granddaughter Rose. She rises to leadership of the family as they struggle against political and societal hostility intent on keeping blacks and Indians oppressed. But through it all, her grandfather's indelible mark of courage inspires her--in mind, in spirit, and in a family legacy that never dies"-- Publisher marketing.

Swinson, Kiki
His last wife
Octavia, Grace, author.
A Christmas prayer
Roby, Kimberla Lawson.

"Alexis Fletcher hasn't had a merry Christmas since losing her mother. Every December she remembers the joy her mother brought to everyone during the holiday season, and wishes her family could be whole again. And even as Alexis prepares to start a new family with her fiancé, Chase Dupont, outside forces threaten to destroy her potential happiness. But fate has one more surprise in store for Alexis, and it might be exactly what she needs to finally embrace the one holiday that has brought her nothing but heartache"-- Provided by publisher.

The perfect deception
Lovely, Lutishia.

She's smart, gorgeous, and mysterious. For business executive Nathan Carver, a man with everything, Jessica Bolton is the first woman he can't simply charm, buy, or seduce. And even before Jessica gets a taste of his luxurious lifestyle and irresistible moves, she's determined to eliminate the competition and become this handsome bachelor's one and only. But Jessica's deceptive allure is just the beginning. With every move, every tantalizing lie, Jessica lures Nathan and his close-knit family into a trap that will dismantle everything they treasure most. Because when it comes to loyalty and love, blood is thicker than water-- and no amount of revenge is ever too much.

Dollar bill : a novel
Joy, 1971-

Dollar is one of those bad guys readers end up hating to love. From the killing grounds of Gary, Indiana, Dollar goes from a small pup just living and learning to a big dawg learning to live. Dollar decides against joining the typical Ballers out on the streets hustling drugs to make a come up. After carefully critiquing the game, Dollar chooses a more concrete type of hustle, straight out robbin' folks. Dollar catches a case at the ripe age of 18 on the first of many planned hustles that he thought would lead him to the good life. The case resulted in Dollar being sentenced to live out the rest of his natural life behind bars. When Dollar encounters Romeo, the hardest cat in prison, he realizes that prison life exists six feet under hell. Romeo takes Dollar's mind on a manipulationg roller coaster ride, which almost pushes him to the brink of insanity. In the beginning Romeo instills the fear of death in Dollar, but in the end he gives him life. When the state sentenced Dollar they never expected the affect it would have on the new life he would eventually lead. They never imagined that he would some day walk the streets again and perfect his game. Back on the street, Dollar manages to drag everyone in his life who means anything to him into his deadly game. His bit in prison taught him one important thing that he would now apply to his hustle, how not to get caught!

Be careful what you pray for
Rouse, Nicole S.

Be careful what you pray for is an old adage, but third grade teacher Maya Richards comes to discover that it's more than just a cliché. Maya has been with her soul mate, Kenneth Green, for more than ten years. She never doubted that he would one day ask for her hand in marriage, but on the eve of their anniversary, their relationship ends abruptly, and she finds herself alone for the first time in thirteen years. Maya turns to her family and best friend to help deal with her heartbreak, but is left to heal on her own. Her parents have discovered a love for traveling, her sister is preparing to move across the country, and her best friend is busy tending to her husband and children. Instead of seeing this time as an opportunity to get closer to God, Maya begs God to send her a new mate. Impatient and desperate, she begins a relationship with gym teacher Lloyd Bradford, despite many warning signs. As she struggles to escape a dangerous situation, Maya learns that the relationship that matters most in life is the one that she has with Christ. As Maya finds the strength to break away from Lloyd's tight reigns, will she trust God and allow Him to restore peace in her life?

Crazy, sexy, revenge : a novel
Mason, J. D.

"Jordan Gatewood's life is falling apart. Murder, sex, betrayal, suicide--the women in his world are paying him back for all the terrible things he's done, and they're bringing on the drama in spades. And now with Desi Green bringing Jordan to the attention of the detective investigating his lover's murder, his tenuous grip on control threatens to unravel completely. Desi refuses to let anyone back her into a corner. For years, people have tried to set her back and destroy her, but now, she's ready to take it to anyone who wants to put her down, including Jordan Gatewood. And when a message comes for her in the form of a brutal attack, Desi will have to fight with everything she has before she gets her revenge.."-- Provided by publisher.

A Christmas prayer
Roby, Kimberla Lawson.

"Alexis Fletcher hasn't had a merry Christmas since losing her mother. Every December she remembers the joy her mother brought to everyone during the holiday season, and wishes her family could be whole again. And even as Alexis prepares to start a new family with her fiancé, Chase Dupont, outside forces threaten to destroy her potential happiness. But fate has one more surprise in store for Alexis, and it might be exactly what she needs to finally embrace the one holiday that has brought her nothing but heartache"-- Provided by publisher.

Eye for an eye
Joseph, Dwayne S.

When Lisette, who ruins marriages at the request of desperate, wealthy wives who will pay anything to get back at their husbands, is hired by Shante Hunter who wants to prove to her sister that the man she married is no good, she thinks it's just business as usual until someone from her past returns, determined to get revenge.

Playing for keeps
J., Anna.
The Reunion Show : reality TV drama : a novel
Hampton, Brenda (Brenda M.), author.

In this final part in the Hell House trilogy, six fiery characters compete to win $100,000 in an outrageous competition that sends drama levels through the roof. Everyone is invited inside Hell House, but only a chosen few have been selected to come together in a contest that could unite them--or destroy them. For three months, living in one bedroom, using one bathroom, dining at the same kitchen table, sharing one TV, and with no access to family or cell phones, the contestants face some serious problems. But whatever happens, the last person standing will have bragging rights--and probably scars for life. In The Reunion Show, author Brenda Hampton brings back the most memorable and controversial characters from her bestselling novels: Roc Dawson from Full Figured, Chase Jenkins from Don't Even Go There, Sylvia McMillan from SLICK, Jada Mahoney from How Can I Be Down?, "Prince" Perkins from Street Soldier, and Jaylin Rogers from The Naughty Series. These six will attempt to put their overwhelming differences aside and calm their unique personalities. Without supervision, though, nothing is off limits. Drama's the main course, topped with a hint of raunchiness and manipulation, and served by cutthroat individuals determined to have it all. Who will be the last woman or man standing, and who will walk out, slamming the door and screaming at the top of their lungs? Find out in this shocking conclusion to the Hell House series.--Publisher's description.

Who ya wit' : the beginning
Hampton, Brenda (Brenda M.), author.

At the age of forty, Desa Rae Jenkins may be classified as over the hill, but with voluptuous curves in all the right places, she attracts Roc Dawson, one of the sexiest men alive, who happens to be almost half her age. He excites her like no other man has, but from Roc's playa-hating uncle Ronnie to the baby mama drama that comes to her doorstep, Desa Rae is forced to make a decision that could set her free from the man she's fallen in love with. The mere thought of Desa Rae ending their relationship sends Roc packing, and he must reevaluate what he has always known as the street life. If he wants to keep this bona fide diva on his team, he has to make his case for black love and leave the past behind. Then again, so does Desa Rae, especially when her ex-husband, Reggie, jumps back into the picture, causing more secret skeletons to be revealed.--Publisher's description.

Mistress, inc.
Bryant, Niobia.

When Jessa Bell revealed she was having an affair with one of her best friends' husbands, she landed on national talk shows and scored a major book deal. Pregnant with her ex-lover's baby, Jessa decides to start a business to help wives catch their cheating husbands. Can she stay on the straight and narrow pathway?

Angels make their hope here : a novel
Clarke, Breena, author.

"Russell's Knob is not paradise. But already in 1849 this New Jersey highlands settlement is home to a diverse population of blacks, whites, and reds who have intermarried and lived in relative harmony for generations. It is a haven for Dossie Bird, who has escaped north along the Underground Railroad and now feels the embrace of the Smoot family. Duncan Smoot presides as accidental patriarch, protector of his enterprising sister, Hattie, and his two rambunctious nephews. As Dossie busies herself with cleaning, cooking, and tending the chickens at Duncan's homestead, she wonders: Could this man, her rescuer--so godlike in her eyes, so much older than she--expect her to become his helpmeet? Tentatively, Dossie begins to put down roots--until a shocking act of violence propels her away from Russell's Knob and eventually into the mayhem of New York City's mean streets."-- Publisher's website.

Full figured 8 : Carl Weber presents / Skyy and Treasure Hernandez.

A lover's embrace?: "Rayne creates beautiful works of art, but her personal life is a blank canvas, void of love and passion. With a life-changing showcase on the horizon, Rayne is completely content being alone. She has kept clear of distractions since her last breakup, five years earlier. Things are working in her favor, until an erotic dream shakes her to her core. As if things weren't becoming complicated enough, a new co-worker seems to have stepped directly out of her dream, offering her the opportunity to experience pleasure with no strings attached. Rayne must decide whether to take a chance, or pass up the opportunity that her body is craving. Will this be a masterpiece in the making, or a catastrophe waiting to happen?"-- From back cover.

Get Some
Ward, Pam
Misty : a novel
Hobbs, Allison, author.
Road Dawgz
Hickman, Trice, author.

When her daughter becomes engaged to the son of her former lover, devoted wife and loving mother Victoria Thornton finds her past mistake threatening her ordered life as both families are reunited for the upcoming wedding.

What's done in the dark
Billingsley, ReShonda Tate.

"Felise is not the kind of woman to cheat on her husband--especially with her best friend's man. But after one perfect storm of a night, it happened...and she can hardly believe it herself. To top it off, when she woke up in the morning, she found that the man to whom she guiltily made passionate love died of a heart attack overnight. Felise, who is a nurse and a good citizen at that, leaves the hotel room without reporting his death. When her best friend, Paula, finds out about her husband's sudden death a day later, Felise is overcome with guilt and grief. She must be there for her friend and her family, but when her husband repeatedly tries to apologize for his absentminded behavior and Paula starts investigating who Stephen was with the night he died, Felise finds it hard to hold herself together. Should she come clean and tell everyone what she did? Or should she just let it go and move past the mistake on her own?"-- Provided by publisher.

Pastor needs a boo
Bowen, Michele Andrea.

"It was a regular New Jerusalem Gospel United Church work day for Reverend Denzelle Flowers when Veronica Washington, Keisha Jackson, and Marsha Metcalf showed up after losing their jobs on the same day, same morning, and almost at the same time. Denzelle struggled to solve that first problem. The other problem--the lovely Marsha--would be much harder to solve. Denzelle didn't even know how to fight wanting to turn in the playah's card and getting "booed" up with the poster girl for "church girls." Marsha Metcalf and her fellow unemployed church members aren't Denzelle's biggest problem, though. He is running for bishop, and his enemies--a more ruthless consortium of corrupted clergy--want power badly enough to go to rather extreme lengths for it because the stakes are just that high. Now, his ex-wife was back and sleeping with the enemy, digging for dirt. Reverend Denzelle can't fight this battle alone. This pastor needs a 'boo' who will stand by his side. Before the dust settles, both Marsha and Denzelle's faith and love will be put to the ultimate test"-- Provided by publisher.

Guilty Gucci
Ashley Antoinette, 1985-

The Red Bottom Bandits may be the world's most fashion-forward gang of masked outlaws. They're the talk of D.C. for their daring robberies and fly gear. When the innocent, naïve Gucci recognizes ringleader Sunny Raegan during a holdup, that's her "in" with the Bandits. Knowing she's got a lot more beauty than brains, Gucci sees the gang as her meal ticket. More likely, they'll be her ticket to the morgue! The Bandits may be lawless, but they play by a few simple rules: Get in and get out...shoot first and ask questions later...never leave without the money...and innocent people don't get hurt. But it's only a matter of time before all these rules get broken--and that's when Gucci gets caught! If there's one thing a girl needs, it's a little help from her friends. But her "friends" have skipped town without giving her a second thought. And Sunny is distracted by her new baby and her violent ex-lover. So Gucci's on her own. She's on trial for her life, and she must decide whether to snitch on the girls--or take the fall all by herself. Whichever she chooses, it may be her death sentence.--Publisher's description.

Time of the locust : a novel
Yejide, Morowa.

" . . . A novel about an autistic boy whose drawings represent something much deeper than even the doctors who study can grasp; his father, serving 25 to life for murder; his mother, trying to hold herself together and fix her broken child. It's a supernatural journey of crime and punishment, retribution and redemption that ultimately leads to a father saving his son, a mother connecting with her child, and an American family reclaiming itself"-- Provided by publisher.

A Project chick
Turner, Nikki.

When Tressa finally has enough of Lucky, her wealthy, possessive, and deranged baby daddy, she finds herself relying on her street smarts to cope with her new life as a poor single mother.

Forty acres : a thriller
Smith, Dwayne

"A thriller about a Black society with a secret"-- Provided by publisher.

Wife extraordinaire
Swinson, Kiki.

When their husbands sign them up for a wife-swap reality show, Trice and Charlene are told they can do whatever they desire--except see their spouses before the seven-day swap is over. Unlike most reality show participants, these couples are risk takers. Not only will the women trade lifestyles, they'll get a chance to test out their new 'husbands' as well. For one it will be just a play date, but the other will find herself not wanting to go back home to her real husband. Lives will be turned upside down, fights will erupt, and blood will be shed--who will end up with whom?

The perfect affair
Lovely, Lutishia.

Freelance writer Jacqueline Tate goes to LA to write an article about Randall Atwater, and finds the scientist to be brainy, witty, handsome and cool. She knows that men like him are few and far between; in fact, his only flaw is ... he's married.

Mafia princess. Part 5, The takeover : a novel
King, Joy Deja, 1978-

She's fighting for her drug empire, love and her life, but Semaj may have met her downfall. Or will she rise to the top and take over?

Pink lips
Jones, Andre D. author.

In this unorthodox tale of power plays, love affairs, and betrayal, two ambitious sisters learn that everything comes at a price--and what may feel good isn't always good for you. Pink lips can be a sign of grace, class, and beauty, but for sisters Willow and Kail, it means power and respect. They will do anything under the sun to become part of the higher echelon, so they pay a massive fee to join an organization and get their lips etched in pink. And life is good for the pair--until an accidental phone dismantles the whole organization. With their lives upended, Willow and Kail flee to the streets of their hometown, Philadelphia, for a fresh start. With a new clientele and a hunger for money, they try to resurrect the organization that ended at their own hands. Money is the main goal for everyone involved until Willow meets Duke, a neighborhood hardhead, and is bitten by the love bug. Kail objects to the relationship, but Willow ignores her sister's warnings, falling deeper and deeper in love. As the sisters turn against each other, skeletons hidden in the closet are revealed, and the saying "blood is thicker than water" is tested to the fullest. Will they be able to come to an agreement, or will blood be shed first?--Publisher's description.

Street players
Goines, Donald, 1937-1974.
Love and war
Ashley Antoinette, 1985- author.

Indie grows exasperated with trying to help his love, YaYa, overcome her failures, but when he receives a phone call stating that she is in trouble, Indie needs to figure out if he is truly done with YaYa after all.

Saint Monkey : a novel
Townsend, Jacinda
South Beach cartel
Santiago, Nisa.

"Cartier Timmons is infuriated by the tragedy and vengeance inflicted upon her family. She's making savage rounds through Miami until she can bring her own brand of hood justice to the cartel who messed with hers."--Page [4] of cover.

Pretty girls in the VIP
Poole, Daaimah S., author.

Three women are determined to ride their rich men's successes to the very top. When her marriage to an NFL phenom ended, so did Adrienne Sheppard's chance at wealth and security. Now she's betting on her exclusive new nightclub--and her new man--to turn her luck around. Sexy vixen Shanice Whitaker is taking her pay-for-play schemes to a whole new level to stack up the mad fortune of her dreams. And Zakiya Lee is sure she knows how to work the sports fame game straight into full-time professional wife-hood with her NBA star. But Zakiya's all-access pass to her man isn't keeping him from straying, or endangering her dreams. Shanice's exploding stardom is putting all her dirty tricks of the trade under the merciless media spotlight--and her future on the line. And Adrienne's insatiable greed for having it all right now is blinding her to business-ending secrets. Soon all three will learn the hard way that truly making it on their own will cost more than they bargained for.--Publisher's description.

Hidden riches
Mason, Felicia.

After a lifetime spent scrubbing and mending for others, Ana Mae Futrell has passed away. Her relatives reluctantly return to their North Carolina hometown to bury the older sister they never really bothered to know--a sister who has stitched into a quilt clues leading to a million dollars.

Fortune & fame
Murray, Victoria Christopher, author.

Jasmine Cox Larson Bush and Rachel Jackson Adams have been through a lot together--from fighting for their husbands to become the head of the American Baptist Coalition to getting mixed up in a terrible murder. Now the frenemies have found themselves the stars of First Ladies, a much anticipated new reality television show. Jasmine balks at the idea of airing her dirty laundry on national TV, but Rachel sees it as the perfect opportunity to take her brand to the next level. And if Rachel is in, so is Jasmine. All the cast members are women of God--how much drama can there be? Rachel and Jasmine know their own pasts are murky, but they'll seem like choir girls when the secrets and sins of the others come to light. The two will once again have to form an unholy alliance to go up against these so-called godly women who see the show as their chance to take them down--at any cost.--Publisher's description.

Baller dreams : a novel
Macklin, Tasha, author.

Choosing school over the mean Detroit's Eastside streets, the sudden reality of John "Dre" Dodson's poor circumstances make him painfully aware of the fortunes that can be made if he embarks on the career path of a hustler. Deciding that he wants to be a baller, Dre meets and forms an alliance with an older, very beautiful Destiny. Unbeknownst to him, she has a secret and motive that draws her to him. She plans to make his dreams come true ... and will stop at nothing to bring Dre and the organization that he created to its knees.

Bad Girl Blvd
Hilton, Erica, author.

"The five-block radius in Canarsie, Brooklyn known as Bad Girl Blvd was once a serene area known for its middle class residents and up-and-comer mentality. But that was before the heroin known as "Bad Girl" and Luca Linn, the vicious vixen pushing it, moving in. Using young girls as worker bees to build her empire of drugs, organized crime, and destruction, Luca's appetite for money and power are insatiable. This thirst for domination proves to be her weakness, however, and one fateful decision catapults her into a fight or flight situation and places her empire under fire"--Back cover.

Champagne life
Bradshaw, Nicole

"Would you compromise your marriage to get out of debt? Naomi and DeShaun seem to have the perfect life, but when money runs low, they have to face the hard truth: Nothing lasts forever."--P. [4] of cover.

Queen sugar
Baszile, Natalie.

Why exactly Charley Bordelon's late father left her eight hundred sprawling acres of sugarcane land in rural Louisiana is as mysterious as it was generous. Recognizing this as a chance to start over, Charley and her eleven-year-old daughter, Micah, say good-bye to Los Angeles. They arrive just in time for growing season but no amount of planning can prepare Charley for a Louisiana that's mired in the past: as her judgmental but big-hearted grandmother tells her, cane farming is always going to be a white man's business. As the sweltering summer unfolds, Charley must balance the overwhelming challenges of her farm with the demands of a homesick daughter, a bitter and troubled brother, and the startling desires of her own heart.

Foreign Gods, Inc.
Ndibe, Okey, 1960-

"Foreign Gods, Inc., tells the story of Ike, a New York-based Nigerian cab driver who sets out to steal the statue of an ancient war deity from his home village and sell it to a New York gallery. Ike's plan is fueled by desperation. Despite a degree in economics from a major American college, his strong accent has barred him from the corporate world. Forced to eke out a living as a cab driver, he is unable to manage the emotional and material needs of a temperamental African American bride and a widowed mother demanding financial support. When he turns to gambling, his mounting losses compound his woes. And so he travels back to Nigeria to steal the statue, where he has to deal with old friends, family, and a mounting conflict between those in the village who worship the deity, and those who practice Christianity. A meditation on the dreams, promises and frustrations of the immigrant life in America; the nature and impact of religious conflicts; an examination of the ways in which modern culture creates or heightens infatuation with the "exotic," including the desire to own strange objects and hanker after ineffable illusions; and an exploration of the shifting nature of memory, Foreign Gods is a brilliant work of fiction that illuminates our globally interconnected world like no other"-- Provided by publisher.

Hidden riches
Mason, Felicia.
Deeply Rooted
Davis, Mike
Our first love : brothers sharing one love... a novel / Anthony Lamarr.
Lamarr, Anthony author.

Severe agoraphobic Caleb lives vicariously through his brother, Nigel, but when Nigel falls in love and tries to keep it a secret, Caleb discovers the romance and falls for the woman as well.

The secret of magic
Johnson, Deborah, 1958- author.

Working for a prominent member of the NAACP in 1946 when a request comes from her favorite childhood author to investigate the murder of a black war hero, Regina Robichard travels to Mississippi, where she navigates the muddy waters of racism, relationships, and her own tragic past.

Dirty Divorce (Part 4)
Miss K. P.
Hampton, Brenda (Brenda M.), author.

"Life is all about choices and survival, even if it means selling your soul. After doing a rough 12 month bid, all urban beauty Desire could think about was her love of money. Determined to gain the riches of the world but vowing to never see the inside of a jail cell again, she follows all the rules of her probation, plans to start her own business and even finds herself in church every Sunday. When her business plan is rejected, the pressure becomes too much to handle and she converts back to what she knows best the use of sex, seduction and lies to reel in rich men. With the grips of the world and men at her feet she s the happiest woman alive. That's until she realizes this happiness is only temporary and it s not without a price. Desire is now back to a part of her life she d hoped to never relive... a born seductress and manipulator. She puts on her best La Perla lingerie and seeks out her next and final victim multimillion dollar rap mogul, Vada. Although Desire doesn't know if this bout of final deception will land her in unwarranted territory, seeing the possibility of securing a guaranteed lifetime of wealth leaves her willing to risk it all."-- From page [4] of cover.

Twisted vows of seduction

"In this scandalously provocative soap-drama series, deceit, seduction, and a tempestuous affair intertwines the lives of lascivious lovers who will go above and beyond to keep their sexual trysts a secret, but the curse of temptation will lead to revelations that may result in their own demise"--Publisher's description.

Wearing My Halo Tilted
Moore, Stephanie Perry
Second time around
Lowery, Darrin, 1968-
Rich or famous. Part 2
King, Joy Deja, 1978-
The rich girls' club
Strong heat
Bryant, Niobia.
I'm in love with a church girl : a novel
Phillips, Ryan, author.

"Miles Montego has it made. Whatever he wants, he gets -- cars, mansions, money, women. There is only one thing he's missing: a way to get rid of his checkered past. Before cleaning up his act and going legit, Miles was a high level drug trafficker. Even though he's moved on with his life, the DEA is still hot on his trail. This makes it tough for Miles to build the normal life he so desperately wants, especially since all of his friends are still stuck in the past. Enter Vanessa -- the girl of Miles dreams. Vanessa is nothing like the other girls Miles has dated, she is a 'church girl,' through and through. As their relationship deepens, it becomes clear that Miles is going to have to make a life-defining choice. Will he buckle under the shame of his old lifestyle and reject the hope of change, or will Vanessa be exactly what Miles needs to build his faith, leave the past behind, and transform his life -- forever?"--Page 4 of cover.

Ghetto Girls 6: Back in the Days
Whyte, Anthony
Who asked you?
McMillan, Terry.

"Transplanted from New Orleans in her youth, Betty Jean (BJ) is now a middle-aged, well-established Angeleno, living in a racially diverse working-class neighborhood with her share of heartaches and hardships. She works for room service at a hotel and cares for her husband, a former UPS driver, as he succumbs to Alzheimer's. Her oldest son, a doctor, maintains his distance from the hood, which has taken its toll on another son (incarcerated) and a daughter (drug-addicted). BJ is now stuck raising her daughter's two sons amid worries about crumbling schools and neighborhood drug-dealing and gangbanging. BJ's two sisters, Arlene and Venetia, are much better off economically but have their own marital and childrearing challenges. Tammy, BJ's best friend and longtime neighbor (the last remaining white person on the block), hangs in there for her friend, although she has plenty of problems of her own. Told from the perspectives of several of the characters, the novel offers an array of personalities and everyday life challenges within a story of close friends, family, and neighbors as they grow and change over many years"--Booklist.

The good lord bird
McBride, James, 1957-

Fleeing his violent master at the side of abolitionist John Brown at the height of the slavery debate in mid-nineteenth-century Kansas Territory, Henry pretends to be a girl to hide his identity throughout the raid on Harpers Ferry in 1859.

Hell House : reality TV drama : a novel
Hampton, Brenda (Brenda M.), author.

In this ingenious novel that brings reality TV to the printed page, drama levels go through the roof as six outrageous characters fiercely compete to win $100,000. The most controversial characters from Brenda Hampton's bestselling novels come together in a house that could unite--or destroy--them all. Roc Dawson from Full Figured, Chase Jenkins from Don't Even GoThere, Sylvia McMillan from SLICK, Jada Mahoney from How Can I Be Down?, Jamal "Prince" Perkins from Street Soldier, and Jaylin Rogers from the Naughty Series attempt to put aside their overwhelming differences and calm their unique personalities. Without supervision, though, anything could happen inside Hell House--especially when there's $100,000 at stake. And these six cutthroat contestants are determined to have it all. Overflowing with drama, raunchiness, and manipulation, survival by any means necessary is their primary focus, but only those with tough skin will make it to the next round. Who will be the last woman or man standing, and who will walk out, slamming the door behind them and screaming at the top of their lungs?-- Page [4] of cover.

Trinity falls
Hart, Regina.

"Ean Fever is burned out by the hectic pace of New York City and his cutthroat law career. Longing for a sense of community, he's returned to his hometown of Trinity Falls, Ohio. Maybe he can even help save the Town Center from greedy developers looking to destroy its small businesses--like Books & Bakery, owned by Megan McCloud. Megan was once an awkward girl next door, but Ean discovers she's grown into a strong-willed, beautiful woman. Megan isn't the only strong-willed McCloud. Her cousin, Ramona, is the town mayor. And as usual, Ramona is trying to take away what Megan wants most. As teenagers, that meant Ean. Now Ramona wants to take away her business. But Megan has learned how to fight. And she soon realizes that Ean is ready to fight with her--and for her. Because when Ean finds himself falling for the woman who's adored him all along, he'll have to convince her that he's not leaving again. At least not without her."-- P. [4] of cover.

A good dose of pleasure : a Morgan man novel
Day, Zuri, author.

When doctor Gregory Morgan plans to build his new research center on land currently occupied by the artist community where Anise Carter works, their heated war of wills burns through animosity and leads to an unexpected romance.

Murderville. 3 : the black dahlia
Ashley, 1985-

In this final installment of the Murderville saga, Ashley and JaQuavis bring you the grit, treachery, and street perspective that they have become legendary for. This thrilling page-turner introduces the story of the black Dahlia and her bloodstained ascent to power. After establishing a connection with "The Five Families," Dahlia becomes literally untouchable. Her brazen tactics and mafia-style antics become infamous as she is set to take over the country's black market. But there is only one thing still standing in her way. She is a woman. The competition doesn't respect her so Dahlia sets out on a bloody mission to ensure the protection of her new kingdom. Liberty has relocated to her hometown only to get a knock on the door by a man she hasn't seen in years. She reacquaints herself with the past and gets connected with some of the biggest bosses in the country. When fate brings her face-to-face with Dahlia, who will end up victorious? Will Dahlia's newfound power make her invincible? Or, will Liberty finally get the revenge she deserves? What happens next is the most shocking ending that Ashley & JaQuavis have ever created.--Page [4] of cover.

Baggage claim : a novel
Talbert, David E.

Dreaming of finding and marrying a man that can live up to her ideals, flight attendant Montana Moore, having watched the female members of her family engage in reckless marital behavior, sets out for the adventure of her life.

Most wanted

Most wanted diamonds: Gigi Costner needs four million dollars she doesn't have and time she hasn't got. Her ex-con ex-lover swears to make her pay for the multimillion-dollar stash of diamonds she stole as she ditched him for a new life as a suburban wife. With time running out, will Gigi's new plan get her in front of the drama or drag her back into hood madness?

The trophy wives
Parker, Charmaine R., author.
Put a ring on it
Hobbs, Allison.
Trinity falls
Hart, Regina.

"Ean Fever is burned out by the hectic pace of New York City and his cutthroat law career. Longing for a sense of community, he's returned to his hometown of Trinity Falls, Ohio. Maybe he can even help save the Town Center from greedy developers looking to destroy its small businesses--like Books & Bakery, owned by Megan McCloud. Megan was once an awkward girl next door, but Ean discovers she's grown into a strong-willed, beautiful woman. Megan isn't the only strong-willed McCloud. Her cousin, Ramona, is the town mayor. And as usual, Ramona is trying to take away what Megan wants most. As teenagers, that meant Ean. Now Ramona wants to take away her business. But Megan has learned how to fight. And she soon realizes that Ean is ready to fight with her--and for her. Because when Ean finds himself falling for the woman who's adored him all along, he'll have to convince her that he's not leaving again. At least not without her."-- P. [4] of cover.

Losing to win
Grant, Michele, author.

The small town of Belle Haven, Louisiana, is still struggling with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf oil spill, and its residents will do whatever it takes to get it back on its feet. So when local English teacher Carissa Melody Wayne is asked to appear on the weight-loss reality show Losing to Win, she agrees. She doesn't realize that others from her past will be joining her, including her high school nemesis, an acquaintance who's been nursing a long-time crush on her, and most shocking of all, Carissa's ex-fianc{233}, former NFL star Malachi Knight. As Carissa's group is split into pairs to compete in a series of challenges, she finds herself at the mercy of the chaotic Hollywood crew and cast members, and her own unfinished business. Soon enough, she discovers that her biggest challenge will be deciding what's really important to her, what she's willing to do to win and how to do it with cameras following her 24/7.--Publisher's description.

Kenyatta's last hit
Goines, Donald, 1937-1974.
The wedding gift
Bodden, Marlen Suyapa.

When prestigious plantation owner Cornelius Allen gives his daughter Clarissa's hand in marriage, she takes with her a gift: Sarah, her slave and her half-sister. Raised by an educated mother, Clarissa is not the proper Southern belle she appears to be--with ambitions of loving whom she chooses--and Sarah equally hides behind the facade of being a docile house slave as she plots to escape. Both women bring these tumultuous secrets and desires with them to their new home, igniting events that spiral out of control.

The player & the game
Ellis, Shelly.
Mistress no more
Bryant, Niobia.

"Jessa Bell shocked the hell out of her three best friends when she announced she was having an affair with one of their husbands--then refused to say which one. She has been reveling in watching her friends self-destruct while trying to figure out which dog of a husband has been getting some on the side. But now, caught between as ex-lover who won't let her go, and a new lover who's more than happy to, Jessa's ready to confront the ladies, reveal the truth, and move on. Maybe her stunt will even send her latest married man back into her waiting arms for good..."--P. [4] of cover.

A house divided
Roby, Kimberla Lawson.
A good excuse to be bad
Parker, Miranda

While trying to save her twin sister from a murder charge and investigating a church cover-up, bail recovery agent and single mother Angel Crawford decides to act on her schoolgirl crush and ask out the town's new pastor, Justus "Too-Hot-to-be-Holy" Morgan.

Natural Born Liar
Little green : an Easy Rawlins mystery
Mosley, Walter.

Surviving a near-fatal car wreck and cruising the streets of the Sunset Strip during the heyday of the late 1960s, Easy Rawlins investigates the disappearance of a young African-American, a case that is complicated by Rawlins's changing perspectives.

Lost daughters
Monroe, Mary.

When her new husband Mel and her daughter Lorretta, an aspiring model, run off together, claiming they are in love, Maureen Montgomery must confront her tragic past to find the strength to overcome this devastating betrayal and make a new life for herself that is all her own.

The woman he loved before
Koomson, Dorothy.
Full figured 4 : Carl Weber presents

In Someone else's guy, after a humiliating public divorce from Sean King, stockbroker to the stars, all Valencia McKoy has left is her hair salon, The Real McKoy. She drowns her sorrow in gallons of butter pecan ice cream, until a friend finally convinces her to see a psychiatrist. Dr. Alexander Thornton finds it hard to keep his composure when the stunning, curvaceous Valencia walks into his office. As Alex finds himself falling for his patient, will he be able to maintain his professionalism and help her regain her self-confidence?

Philadelphia: Street Justice
Hernandez, Treasure
The Seven Days: A Novel
R. Kayeen Thomas

The prequel to the critically acclaimed Antebellum tells the powerful story of what happens when a man in modern society is possessed with the spirits of dead slaves. Nathan Freeman and Xavier Turner are two African-American men leading two very different lives. One is a failed academic with a family in turmoil, while the other is an ex-special forces soldier turned family man. They have never met, but they share a bloodline that traces back to African royalty. This bloodline also makes them susceptible to a condition called The Seven Days, which allows them to be possessed by the spirits of their ancestors who died in a rage. Through a series of unfortunate events, both men manage to lose everything, creating the circumstances needed for the Seven Days to take effect. One of them is strong enough to fight the possession, while the other falls victim to it, and the chaos that ensues threatens to engulf them both.

The Color of Hope
Kim Cash Tate

Hope shines brightestwhen all seems lost. Stephanie London led a life of comfort and ease in St. Louisbefore feeling inexplicably drawn back to her father's roots in the tinySouthern town of Hope Springs. Charlotte Willoughby has lived there all herlife and longs to make a new life somewhere else. Stephanie doesn't knowexactly what she's doing there-or how to occupy her time. And Charlotte doesn'tunderstand why, despite her overbearing family and reminders of her failedengagement, she's suddenly led to stay. And despite its small-town charm, Hope Springs itself is ata crossroads. After a failed reconciliation attempt by two well-meaningpastors, the town is split along racial and cultural lines, with little hopefor redemption. When a terrible tragedy puts Hope Springs on the nationalradar, the entire town is tested, and both Stephanie and Charlotte feel theirlives unraveling. In the midst of heartache, though, they'll discover the truecolor of hope . . .

In Times of Trouble
Yolonda Tonette Sanders

Impressed by outward appearances, Lisa Hampton is quick to judge others based on their status and wealth--until her powerful friends try to ruin her happiness. Divorced, single-mother Lisa Hampton has been able to start a new life after a scandalous incident that forced her to relocate to Ohio. Thanks to her job she has the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the wealthiest and most influential people in the state. Lisa's biggest issue nowadays is her rebellious teenage daughter, Chanelle. Other than the stress of dealing with Chanelle, life couldn't be any better for Lisa. She is best friends with Isaac and Olivia Scott, the most influential and powerful couple in the state. If she isn't hanging with Olivia, Lisa is spending time with her new beau, Minister Eric Freeman. His prayers and words of encouragement have helped her weather the storms in her life. Lisa looks forward to the possibility of a future with Eric, though his expectations may be more than she can handle. When Chanelle accuses the Scotts' son of rape, Lisa discovers how quickly her friends become foes as Olivia and Isaac use their wealth, prestige, and power to manipulate justice. And just as things seem to be going smoothly for Lisa and Chanelle, Olivia makes one last destructive move that threatens everything they hold dear.

The Ex Files: A Novel about Four Women and Faith
Victoria Christopher Murray

Hailed as "an excellent storyteller . . . one of our best" (Eric Jerome Dickey), national bestselling author Victoria Christopher Murray proves it so with this powerful, faith-filled novel of four women and the different ways they handle heartbreak. Kendall, Asia, Vanessa, and Sheridan each have an "ex" in their lives. Whether from a broken marriage, the shocking loss of a loved one, or a shattered bond of trust, the pain is real and the wounds deep. Will they ever heal? When their pastor asks the foursome to meet weekly for prayer, they can't imagine they will have anything in common. Then a devastating tragedy strikes and these strangers are forced to reexamine their choices. Will they find true friendship? Or will prayer-- and their circle of support--be enough to see them through?

Virgin Soul: A Novel
Judy Juanita

From a lauded poet and playwright, a novel of a young woman's life with the Black Panthers in 1960s San Francisco. When Huey Newton is jailed and the Panthers explode nationwide, Geniece enters the organization's dark and dangerous world of guns, FBI agents, sex, and shootouts.

Eric Jerome Dickey

Four years have passed since the events of the book, Pleasure, and Nia's success as a writer has grown, bringing her from Atlanta to Los Angeles. But she remains on a quest to quiet her inner storm, to draw on her well of emotions and explore them fully before leaving this season of her life and moving on to what could be the next stage: marriage and motherhood. Drawn to an exclusive pleasure palace, where patrons try on roles as they actively shun their respective realities, Nia's ability to balance truth and fantasy becomes increasingly blurred.

When the Truth Lies: A Novel
Timothy M. Carson

As they navigate Atlanta's seductive streets, four individuals will take a big chance on finding something that's eluded them for far too long--true love. But will it be a truth that sets them free or one that takes no prisoners? Rising executive and self-proclaimed "playboy" Markus roams the clubs at night in search of the woman of his dreams. But is he really looking for someone to keep his nightmares at bay? Brandon wants to take the music industry by storm, but will his new love be a sweet melody in his perfectly arranged life or a sour note too painful to bear? With success so close to her grasp, Brandon's protégée Uniyah will do whatever it takes--until she meets a gentleman unlike any other. Could there be more to him than meets the eye? Tyrone is successful, sexy, single, and dissatisfied. As he searches for love in all the wrong places, he discovers that what he's been looking for all along is himself.

Honor Thy Thug
Wahida Clark

Urban lits favorite ride or die couple, Trae and Tasha, are back as they fight to hold onto their volatile relationship which gets closer to exploding with each passing day. Their friends, Angel and Kaylin, are caught up in their own drama which pits brother against brother in a final showdown. Faheem and his wife Jaz, face their worst nightmare which almost takes them totally out of the game. Meanwhile, Kyron, who brought Trae to the brink of murder and Tasha to the edge of insanity, is back and hell bent on revenge. When Trae makes the deadly decision to work for the most violent Chinese crime organization in the city and renew a business relationship with Charli Li, the one woman who can never be trusted, his rocky marriage and life are threatened. Tasha is forced to step in, and things get really crazy. Can Trae escape the grips of the mob with his life and hold on to his wife? Honor Thy Thug will leave you gasping for more.

The Young and the Ruthless: Back in the Bubbles
Victoria Rowell

"New York Times"-bestselling author and beloved actress Rowell delivers another hilarious and shocking send-up of the soap opera world, featuring Calysta Jeffries, the unstoppable diva of daytime drama.

The Cheating Curve
Paula T. Renfroe

Every other Sunday, best friends, Aminah Anderson and Langston 'Lang' Rogers get manicures in trendy downtown Brooklyn and then have brunch. The two share everything with each other - almost. Lang's been keeping a secret from Aminah. She's cheating on her husband. When Aminah learns about the affair, the news hits too close to home. For Aminah's husband has also been unfaithful. She thought Lang understood the hurt and humiliation infidelity causes, but she was wrong. Now their friendship, their marriages and their self-respect will be put to the ultimate test.

The Supremes at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat
Edward Kelsey Moore

Told with wit, style, and compassion, this is the story of friendship among three women weathering the ups and downs of life in a small Midwestern town. When Odette, Clarice, and Barbara Jean meet as teenagers in the mid-sixties, the civil rights movement is moving along and so are their everyday lives. Their regular gathering place is Earl's All-You-Can-Eat diner, the first black-owned business in downtown Plainview, Indiana. Dubbed the Supremes by their friends, the inseparable trio is watched over by big-hearted Earl during their complicated high school days, and then every Sunday after church as they marry, and have children and grandchildren. Sitting at the same table for almost forty years, these best friends grow up, gossip, and face the world together with pointed humor, some sorrow, and much joy. Meet Odette, Clarice, and Barbara Jean--once you meet them, they will be your friends forever...

Prince of the City
Jason Poole

Malik Perry is the son of Michael, a ruthless gangster who's regarded as the king of Southeast, one of the worst sections of our nation’s capitol and infamously known as the “concrete jungle”. A smart ambitious hustler who eagerly wanted to retire from the game and live a normal life with his wife and son, but something goes wrong before he quits. Malik, the heir to his throne, is too young to understand yet old enough to listen. Now left to be raised by his aunt Linda, a female hustler with connections, Malik takes a journey through life on the opposite side of the city where he becomes equipped with every valuable lesson to be learned on the gritty streets of Washington D.C. In his quest for riches while climbing the ladder of success, Malik meets two people that could ultimately change his mind of becoming the next king. Rico, a friend who'd become the brother he always wanted, and Peaches a love he never knew. Love, trust, and betrayal laced with every ingredient the streets have to offer, 'Prince of the City' is definitely the loudest cry from the ghetto ever written.

The Rich Girls' Club

When money isn't enough for Brooks Kennedy, Morgan Childs, Storm Dangerfield, and Hope Andrews, the women decide to take over the governor's house. California has never had a female governor and Morgan is determined to change that with the help of her friends.

A New Kind of Bliss
Bettye Griffin

Emily Yancy is a 43-year-old divorcee who moves back to her mother's tiny apartment following the death of her father. In her sleepy hometown she meets Aaron Merritt, a rich, single doctor. Aaron is soon taking Emily to fancy restaurants and inviting her to meet his family. But when the lights go out, something's missing. Enter Teddy Simms, Emily's sexy teenage crush. Will Emily choose a relationship that doesn't satisfy her mind - or an easy compatibility that doesn't quite extend into the bedroom? Or is there some way she can find the best of both worlds?

Grace and Mercy
Brittney Holmes

In this powerful, thought-provoking tale, a young woman caught in an abusive relationship must find the strength to leave the only man whom she believes truly loves her.

The California Saga

From "Essence"]-bestselling author Chunichi comes a pounding tale of revenge and retaliation, featuring a street savvy woman from the hood who is determined to create a better life for her unborn child.

Get You Good
Rhonda Bowen

The second in Marsh's pulse-pounding Smoke Jumpers series ripples with nail-biting suspense and sensuality, giving an inside look at a special brand of hero and the kind of woman it takes to win him.

Sasha Campbell

Trinette Montgomery has a career as a social worker and a rich husband who's constantly at her beck and call. But lately, Trinette is getting bored, with an itch that only another man can scratch - the other man being her wealthy, married boss. She's enjoying the best of both worlds, until she ends up pregnant. And when her lies catch up with her, she goes back to St. Louis to stay with her best friend, Nikki. When Nikki's Husband discovers her affair, it sends him on a path of destruction that will put all of them in jeopardy.

A Social Affair: A Novel
Pat Tucker; Earl Sewell

A cautionary tale about finding love online and the trouble that comes with cheating. Bored with her humdrum married life, thirty-two-year-old Codi Norman is searching for excitement. After teaming up with her best friend, Katina, Codi discovers that the Internet offers both money and an escape from her earthly life. In cyberspace anything is possible, and that is what Codi loves most. While online, she meets a charming and handsome man named Quinn Hamilton. Sparks fly and the two begin a torrid affair with unpredictable consequences. But their virtual lives collide with reality when their spouses discover their illicit relationship.

All I Ever Wanted
Francis Ray

All I Ever WantedFrancis Ray Naomi Reese is a divorced mother with a small daughter named Kayla, a new life in Santa Fe, and, finally, some distance from her abusive ex-husband. All she wants now is a home of her own where she and Kayla can finally feel safe. With one bad marriage behind her, she can't even dream of falling in love again. Until she meets Richard... A tall, handsome veterinarian with a warm smile and big heart, Richard Youngblood is the kind of man any woman could fall for. Not only does he have a wonderful way with animals, he's great with little Kayla and - Naomi has to admit - he's easy on the eyes. Richard definitely has his sights set on her, too. But first, Naomi has to free herself from her past - and learn how to love again - before she can have all she ever wanted with the man of her dreams...

When Baldwin Loved Brenden
Electa Rome Parks

A whole decade has passed since Baldwin, Brenden and Bria and Christopher last saw each other. In college they were a close-knit circle of friends, but unfortunate circumstances placed their friendship in jeopardy. Now they are reunited in a small North Carolina town as they all head back to attend a friend's funeral. Baldwin, the romantic, Brenden, the do-gooder, Bria, the wild child and Christopher the pretty boy are all about to learn some truths about each other and themselves over a few unforgettable and life changing days.

A Good Man
J. J. Murray

Sonya Richardson is a happily single former basketball star and admitted 'homebody' who leads a quiet, spiritual life far from the spotlight in the city. When her old publicist, Michelle, signs Sonya up to be on the network reality dating show Hunk or Punk, Sonya initially resists - then relents. John Bond is a widowed former youth pastor and church handyman still mourning his African-American wife. On a whim, John answers an email asking for Hunk or Punk contestants. Soon the pair are refusing to play by the show's rules and creating something magical on and off the air.

The Eleventh Commandment
Lutishia Lovely

While Frieda Moore hasn't found the Good Word, she has charted a path to really good, upscale life. And she's not about to let her surgeon husband and baby son get in the way of her good time. Frieda's more sensible cousin, Hope Taylor, was sure she and her spouse, Cy, were solid-in-the-spirit. But now a long-lost love is requesting an act of Christian charity that could be a second chance at temptation. And when Hope's best friend, Stacy, must decide if a money-making scheme will fix her rocky marriage, the consequences will have the saved and hardly-saved begging for deliverance...

Breaking All My Rules
Trice Hickman

Erica Stanford's chic bath and body care boutique caters to some of Washington, D.C.'s most sophisticated clientele. But success has come at the price of having a meaningful relationship. Jerome Kimbrough is working-class - a city sanitation worker with big dreams. Once a teenage thug from a tough housing estate, he hauls rubbish by day, then works at creating his own construction company. When Erica and Jerome meet on jury duty, sparks fly in and out of the courtroom. Will their love endure the tests that life has in store for them?

Baby Momma 2
Ni'chelle Genovese

After working past the bitter and shocking revelations dealt out by her son's father, Rasheed, Michelle is finally looking forward to leading a normal, quiet family life. However there is nothing quiet about the life she has been living lately. Michelle find herself drawn in by the allure of her budding real estate career, catering to the likes of models and basketball players and enjoying the sex fuelled spoils of the rich and shameless lifestyle. Michelle's journey is comprised of twists and turns, temptation and erotic encounters and that is only the beginning.

Dream Girl Awakened: A Novel
Stacy Campbell

On the outside, Aruba Dixon has a life other women envy: a beautiful home, her handsome husband, James, and a gorgeous son. Inside, Aruba knows the truth. When her husband quits his fifth job in seven months, she's done. Aruba wants a better husband, and she has the perfect man in mind--her friend Victoria's husband. Victoria Faulk is a head-turning stunner--and she tells herself so every day. Between shopping, assigning tasks to her nanny, and making sure her daughter doesn't smudge the walls of her million-dollar home, Victoria can't fathom having sex with her husband. But when he grows distant, Victoria backpedals to the good old days to regain his affection. Will it be too late? Tawatha Gipson feels it's high time she found a husband. So do her four children by four different men. Each time Tawatha thought she'd snagged a ring and a man, something goes wrong. When she spots James Dixon at the jobsite, she's determined to have him by any means necessary. As these women's lives intersect and collide, they learn the grass is greener on the other side...but it isn't always easy to hop the fence.

Friends and Foes
Victoria Christopher Murray; ReShonda Tate Billingsley

IT'S "A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!"* when the bestselling authors of Sinners & Saints bring back their outrageous first ladies in this sassy, witty, and poignant sequel! Now that Rachel Jackson Adams's husband has won the coveted position of president of the American Baptist Coalition, Jasmine Larson Bush has concocted a scheme to one-up her rival--by promoting her new community center on the nation's #1 television talk show! The power play won't stop Rachel, who jets from Houston to Chicago to sabotage Jasmine's TV appearance. But Chicago is the last place Rachel should be when one of the Coalition's heaviest hitters turns up dead-- and Rachel looks guilty as sin. Will her nemesis leave her stranded and let her take the rap? Or will Jasmine help Rachel hunt down a killer? Could danger this deep turn the enemies into BFFs? After all, miracles do happen. . . .

A Deeper Love Inside: The Porsche Santiaga Story
Sister Souljah

Porsche Santiaga is a reality action star and the Brooklyn born middle child and forgotten sister from "The Coldest Winter Ever." Porsche is young and beautiful and unafraid to fight and love with the same extreme intensity. It is a coming-of-age journey from the throne to the gutter to the throne, told with deep emotion and shocking scenes.

The Man In 3B
Carl Weber

Meet Darryl Graham, or as his new neighbors call him, The Man in 3B. Darryl's new to the Jamaica, Queens building, but from day one he's made quite an impression on his neighbors. He has made it very clear he greatly values his privacy, but he is the man every woman wants and every man wants to be, so inquiring minds want to know. Unfortunately, in Darryl's world, what you know can hurt you, and when he winds up dead, those inquiring minds become the prime suspects. Meet Darryl Graham, or as his neighbors call him . . . THE MAN IN 3B Darryl has just moved into a Jamaica, Queens, apartment building and his neighbors, both male and female alike, can't stop talking about him. From his down-to-earth personality to his extreme attractiveness to his undeniable swag, Darryl is the man every woman wants and every man wants to be.Darryl is quickly welcomed into the building and immediately becomes a part of each of the tenants' lives. Connie, an overweight and unhappy wife, turns to Darryl for help losing weight, hoping to try and fix her crumbling marriage. But when Darryl starts making Connie feel beautiful again, she questions whether or not her marriage is worth saving. Benny, a spoiled teenager, looks up to Darryl as a role model. When an unexpected event occurs, Benny is left questioning everything he's ever known. Krystal, Darryl's first love, wants to make things work with her current boyfriend. Yet, having Darryl back in her life sends her happy home spiraling out of control. And, last but not least, Avery, Connie's husband, doesn't care about anyone or anything when a financial opportunity comes his way-that is, until he notices how much time his wife is spending with their new neighbor. Everything seems to be going well, until someone is murdered, and everyone becomes a prime suspect.

The Perfect Marriage
Kimberla Lawson Roby

ADDICTION. DECEPTION. PRETTY PICTURES HIDE UGLY SECRETS. THE PERFECT MARRIAGE Denise and Derrek Shaw are the perfect American couple. Happily married for fifteen years, they have a wonderful daughter, Mackenzie, successful careers, and a beautiful house in a posh Chicago suburb. They are attractive, respected . . . and hiding a shocking secret: a dangerous addiction to drugs. It started innocently enough. Denise occasionally used prescription drugs to help her deal with the long hours and demanding nature of her job. Derrek, also under pressure at work, began using cocaine socially with some of his colleagues. They can quit whenever they want to. At least, that's what Denise would like to believe . . . As her job becomes more stressful, Denise can no longer get through the day without a fix. Derrek realizes his harmless habit has become anything but, and desperately wants to get clean. However, his attempts are derailed when there is a sudden family tragedy. Once soul mates, now this husband and wife are quickly losing the immense love that had been the cornerstone of their marriage. With her parents spiraling out of control, Mackenzie makes an unexpected move to take matters into her own hands. Is her sacrifice too late-or is there still hope? Is there a final chance to save the Shaw family?

Make Me Yours
Sophia Shaw

A free-spirited woman. A man with a plan. Filled with fascinating characters and steamy romance, this sizzling romance contains plenty of heat that will keep readers hooked. Original.

Baller Bitches, Volume 1
Joy Deja King

Follow the lives of Diamond, Kennedy and Blair in Volume 1 of the Baller Bitches Series which includes Parts 1-3. Diamond has decided to upgrade her life and not be the naive girl her baby daddy disrespected and took for granted. But as Diamond steps out on her own, secrets threaten to destroy the new life she's created. Kennedy is determined to take what she's learned in the entertainment industry and become a mogul. But with a cutthroat boss that tries to undermine her every move, Kennedy might not have what it takes to come out on top. Blair has always felt she wasn't good enough to make it in the glamorous world of show business and having a high powered boyfriend that is mentally abusive does nothing to boost her confidence. But when Blair has an opportunity to make all her dreams come true will she take it or will she give into her insecurities. Find out the answers to these questions and more in this gripping new series Baller Bitches

Real Wifeys: Hustle Hard: An Urban Tale
Meesha Mink

The third and most explosive installment in a fierce, gritty series from one of today's boldest voices in street lit teems with crime, sex, and betrayal as Sophie "Suga" Alvarez confronts the demons of her past and gets pulled into a dangerous criminal lifestyle.

The Ex-Wife
Candice Dow

Ayana Blue is best known for the relationship advice she gives on the radio. She meets a charming and sexy realtor, and a business transaction turns into a steamy night. Ayana goes into work feeling extra inspired. That is, until a woman calls in claiming that Ayana slept with her husband.

Bachelor Unclaimed
Brenda Jackson

Are his playboy days over for good? In the wake of political defeat, former mayoral candidate Ainsley St. James does something totally out of character-she has a one-night stand with a seductive stranger. Never expecting to see him again, she accepts a job covering a breaking story in Hilton Head, South Carolina...only to discover that the island's most desirable recluse is the lover she has yet to forget. Winston Coltrane can't get that incredible night-or the sexy, sophisticated beauty-out of his mind. The marine biologist is developing a secret formula that could be a major medical breakthrough. But there's something Winston is keeping from Ainsley: his feelings for her have grown beyond the bedroom. Kiss by breathtaking kiss, Ainsley is transforming his oceanside sanctuary into a sensual retreat. Will they be able to turn a passionate fling into forever in each other's arms?

Destiny's Embrace
Beverly Jenkins

Gentleman Seeks Housekeeper.Must be willing to travel. Desperate for another life away from Philadelphia, headstrong and beautiful Mariah Cooper answersan advertisement for a housekeeper at the otherend of the continent. Waiting in California isthe most breathtaking--and arrogant--man shehas ever met . . . and he'd like nothing betterthan for Mariah to go back home! Logan Yates has run Destiny, the family ranch,since he was a boy. He doesn't need this Eastern misshis stepmother hired, though his home's chaoticstate suggests otherwise. Still, he's secretly pleasedthat Mariah gives as good as she gets--and he mustfight the urge to take her in his arms and kiss herwhenever she proudly stands her ground. But whenhe's in danger of losing her, Logan will have tochoose between pride . . . and his heart's true desire.

I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
Francis Ray

From all appearances, Madison and Wes Reed are a picture-perfect couple. Madison is a popular talk show host; Wes is a respected TV correspondent. But behind the public smiles, Madison knows her marriage is a lie. Ever since the loss of their child, she's felt a distance between them. But when a fatal car wreck claims the life of her husband--and his mistress--Madison discovers more shocking secrets than she ever suspected ... The biggest surprise of all is a beautiful baby girl named Manda--the illegitimate child her husband left behind. Madison struggles to welcome her into her home and her heart. But when she accepts the help of Zachery Holman--her husband's best friend--Madison wonders if she's taking on too much. Zachery promises to be the anchor she needs, even if he does have secrets of his own. If Madison hopes to move on with her life, and her love, she has to learn to forgive--not just once, but twice...

On the Seventh Day
T. D. Jakes

Based on the film Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the 7th Day , executive-produced by T.D. Jakes, this novel follows the lives of a couple whose love and commitment are tested when their only child is kidnapped right from under them in their gated community in New Orleans. David, a respected college professor, and his wife, Kari, appear to be the perfect churchgoing prosperous couple when their young daughter is abducted. The police immediately launch an investigation and set out to find the child of this high-profile couple. Reports surface of a serial kidnapper on the loose with a pattern of killing his victims on the seventh day, so there's no time to waste. In pursuit of information relevant to the case, the police uncover startling information about Kari. Now Kari's past threatens her marriage and challenges the couple's capacity to forgive. *** New York Times bestselling author T.D. Jakes pens a compelling story that unites love, suspense, and faith into one heart-wrenching package. David Ames could make a woman forget herself. Kari knows because it just happened a few minutes ago on this quiet Sunday morning. Surrounded now by the hot water and steam of the shower, she reflects on the last hour and the intimate moments with her husband. It feels good to forget. To just let go. Yet lately, it seems Kari hasn't been letting go as much as she'd like. Perhaps this is just what happens when a couple has been married for eight years. The thrill of a touch or a kiss is too often overshadowed by the needs of a child or the demands of a job. With her eyes closed, Kari knows it's more than that. It will always be more than that. --From On the 7th Day

Sexy Little Liar

Beautiful con artist and ex-escort Mink LaRue has been impersonating the long-lost daughter of an oil-rich Texas family. But her new 'siblings' aren't all convinced. Barron hires a private detective to dig up any dirt he can find on Mink to keep her out of the trust fund. He discovers that Mink's ex-boyfriend, Gutta, has been released from prison and is after her. But then Barron encounters a stripper called Dy-Nasty who looks just like Mink. Will she be a pawn in his plan to get Mink disqualified from the trust fund - or does she have an agenda of her own?

Perfect Circle: A Novel
Alvin L. A. Horn

Stalking, violence, and philandering threaten the well-being of the professional and private lives of four characters in the Emerald City of Seattle. Ayman Sparks is the head coach of the East Seattle City University basketball team. He tries to control everything in life like the tight swish of a basketball. He meets a woman, who is really a substitute for his ex-wife, but she pushes boundaries with her deep emotional issues and doesn't go away without taking a pound of flesh. Sterlin Baylor, the assistant coach, is pure playboy, and he bounces women in and out of his bed. Finally, a woman does something foul to him that becomes a life-or-death situation for Sterlin and everyone involved. Lois Mae has turned to Internet dating. She is a stylish, full-figured woman who teaches literature at the university. Her dates sometimes turn dangerous as she has a hard time keeping her compulsive sexual appetite under control. Will her history of abuse keep her love dying or will she learn to live for love? Vanita Irving is a churchgoing single mother. She is a model of beauty who appears confident and efficient, but she can't control her life-long struggles with depression. Will she take the right steps to change her life or will she keep repeating her past?

Kia DuPree

Kiki's world is turned upside down when her partially deaf mother loses custody of her children, sending Kiki and her siblings into foster care. After running away with a friend, the two run straight into the arms of a pedophile in disguise, who lures the two girls into a life far too mature for their twelve-year-old minds. Held in captivity for months, the girls are finally set free when a neighbor exposes them. But what should have been a happy moment for Kiki actually sends her on a life path that quickly spirals out of control.

Holy Mayhem
Pat G'Orge-Walker

When Patience Kash and Joy Karry are laid off from their jobs just months away from collecting their 20 year pension, they decide it is a perfect opportunity to follow their dreams of becoming crime investigators. Patience and Joy decide to operate their new agency - named Kash and Karry - from a back room at the El Diablo Soul Food Shanty. Owned by their overweight cousin, Porky, The Shanty is a magnet for chaos. Things worsen when a robbery occurs. Their Grandmother Puddin's bible is missing and Porky is frantic. Was the bible more valuable than they knew?

The Cartel 4
Ashley and JaQuavis

The Diamond family have survived murder, deceit and betrayal. Through it all, they're still standing tall and a new era has begun. After surviving a failed attempted on her life, Breeze has moved into the queen's position by Zyir's side. Zyir has taken over the empire and locked down Miami's streets. Young Carter has retired and moved away from the madness - that is, until he gets an unexpected visitor at his home. This person shakes up the whole family, causing chaos that threatens to bring down the Cartel for good.

South by Southeast: A Tennyson Hardwick Novel
Blair Underwood; Tananarive Due; Steven Barnes

The fourth installment in this award-winning mystery series draws actor-turned-super-sleuth Tennyson Hardwick into his most challenging case, compelling him to face the unthinkable: save his daughter or the woman he loves. South by Southeast , a title inspired by the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, finds Tennyson and his family in South Beach, Florida, where he is filming his role in a television detective series. Ten's soon-to-be-adopted daughter, Chela, runs into old friend Maria from her earlier days as a prostitute in Los Angeles. The pair dives into the South Beach club scene, but Maria mysteriously goes missing. When Maria's body washes ashore, Chela and the authorities fear that her suspicious death is connected to a serial killer preying on young prostitutes. Tennyson believes he knows who the killer is, but the suspect escapes when the actor-detective tries to capture him. When it's believed the suspected killer may have committed suicide, things return to normal for Ten and his family. But the respite doesn't last long, and Tennyson discovers someone is after him, his girlfriend, and Chela. Realizing it's the killer who's terrorizing him, Ten is presented with a lose-lose dilemma: save his daughter or the woman he loves. In a pulse-pounding thriller that could be described as Walter Mosley's Easy Rawlins meets Miami Vice , Tennyson Hardwick is back big time with his trademark sexiness, sizzle, and James Bond-like sophistication.

Everybody in the Church Ain't Saved
Patti Trafton

The Love, Joy, Peace and Deliverance Community Choir is a group of young adults who are joined through their passion for singing the Lord's praises - although their hearts are far from being godly. Each choir member is harbouring a secret, whether it's sex addiction, swearing, adultery or their sexual identity and it isn't long before their dirty laundry is aired before the congregation. A juicy drama of scandals and secrets, Everybody in the Church Ain't Saved is a gripping read that will delight and shock readers!

Trouble and Triumph: A Novel of Power and Beauty
Tip "T. I. " Harris; David Ritz

The Grammy-winning artist and actor pens a powerful follow-up to his street-lit epic "Power & Beauty." The story of Paul "Power" Clay and Tanya "Beauty" Long continues in this explosive second book.

Nappily Faithful
Trisha R. Thomas

Venus and Jake move away from emotional baggage in L.A. and find more obstacles in their path as they fight for everything they love.

Between Heaven and Here
Susan Straight

In August in Rio Seco, California, the ground is too hard to bury a body. But Glorette Picard is dead, and across the canal, out in the orange groves, they'll gather shovels and pickaxes and soak the dirt until they can lay her coffin down. First, someone needs to find her son Victor, who memorizes SAT words to avoid the guys selling rock, and someone needs to tell her uncle Enrique, who will be the one to hunt down her killer, and someone needs to brush out her perfect crown of hair and paint her cracked toenails. As the residents of this dry-creek town prepare to bury their own, it becomes clear that Glorette's life and death are deeply entangled with the dark history of the city and the untouchable beauty that, finally, killed her.

My Father's House
Dijorn Moss

Moss offers a revealing look into the life and responsibilities of a pastor, in this thought-provoking novel.

Angry Ass Black Woman
Karen E. Quinones Miller; Karen Hunter (Contribution by)

The autobiographical novel from the author of Uptown Dreams and Satin Doll Karen E. Quinones Miller is AN ANGRY-ASS BLACK WOMAN You'd be angry, too . . . if you grew up poorer than poor in Harlem in the 1960s and '70s, a place of unrelenting violence, racism, crime, rape, scamming, drinking, and drugging . . . with a dad permanently checked out in Bellevue and a mom at the end of her rope raising you, your twin sister, and your two brothers, moving every time the money runs out-- and doing what it takes to survive. But there's more to her story . . . Ke-Ke Quinones was whip smart and sassy, a voracious reader of everything from poetry to the classics. No matter what, 117th Street--where you could always count on someone to stand up for you--would always be home. And with every hard-knock lesson learned, Ke-Ke grew fiercer, unleashing her inner angry-ass black woman to get through it all. Is this her final chapter? Now, decades later, comatose in a hospital bed after a medical crisis, she reflects on her life--her success as a journalist and renowned author, her tragicomic memories of Harlem, her turbulent marriage, the birth of her daughter, future possibilities--all the while surrounded by her splintered family in all of their sound and fury. Will she rise above once more?

Divine Intervention
Lutishia Lovely

Minister King Brook's daughter, Princess, is about to marry the man she thinks she loves, until a disaster leaves her lavish wedding - and her life - in shambles. Her ex, Kelvin, has returned to win her back. But her fiance, Rafael, is determined to tie the knot. Meanwhile, Princess' mother, Tai, is working hard to keep it all together. As if her daughter's wedding blues aren't enough, menopause has her losing her sex drive, gaining weight and battling insecurities. Tai learns that when God is all you've got, he's about all you need. All, that is, except some actions that aren't always divine.

Red Hot
Niobia Bryant

From a national bestselling and award-winning author comes the next heavily anticipated, scorching romance in the Strong Brothers series. Original.

Chocolate Flava

Based on the Featured Erotica section of her Web site,, "New York Times"-bestselling author and publisher of Strebor Books, presents the third book in her popular erotic anthology series.

Another Man Will
Daaimah S. Poole

A sexy tale of three sisters who long for the successful marriage their parents have - and a man as good as their father. Dana is tired of watching her co-workers get married, but soon can't resist a sizzling connection with a handsome white accountant. Crystal is a single mother who works overtime to provide for her three children - and she's hoping that her struggling ex-classmate will be the answer to her prayers. Yvette's marriage has just imploded, taking all her money with it and leaving her heartbroken. All three realise what one man won't provide, another man will.

Strange Addiction
Alexis Nicole

Aspiring journalist Heiress Montgomery has her life all planned out. She's working at a hot media magazine and plans to become editor-in-chief of a major publication. Then she meets King Stevens... King is an actor who's already achieved fame and fortune and completely turns Heiress' world upside down. Soon she realises that life in the spotlight isn't what it seems. Her relationship descends into a nightmare of constant abuse, lies, addiction and infidelity. Running into her old friend Donovan reminds her of who she used to be, can he bring her back before it's too late?

A Dangerous Road
Kris Nelscott

It's February 1968, and tense race relations in Memphis are beginning to build into real conflict. The sanitation workers' strike has been going on for almost three weeks, and marches are beginning to turn into riots. African-American P.I. Smokey Dalton is hired by Laura Hathaway, a young white woman from up north, to look into her mother's reasons for remembering Smokey generously in her will. Smokey reluctantly takes the case, as much to satisfy his own curiosity about these people he never knew as because he needs the work. What he uncovers is a thirty-year-old secret so powerful it will shatter both their lives. Furthermore, this turning point couldn't come at a worse time for Smokey. As February turns to March, then April, Smokey must watch his city crumble around him and deals with the approaching visit of his childhood friend, now estranged from him, Martin Luther King, Jr. - a visit that turns out to be the very destiny of both men, and the city itself. This wonderful novel launches a unique and atmospheric series, introducing an appealing character in Smokey Dalton and an equally compelling time period in our history.

Sparkle: A Novel
Denene Millner; Howard Rosenman; Joel Schumacher; Mara B. Akil

THEY HAD A DREAM. SHE HAD IT ALL. Detroit, 1968. The Motown sound is sweeping the nation. Girl groups are hotter than ever. Over their mother's objections, three beautiful sisters--Delores, Sister and Sparkle--are taking the local music scene by storm. But their dreams are bigger than Detroit. Their manager, Stix, is just as ambitious and will do whatever it takes to make it to the big time, even if it means using the girls--and his love for Sparkle--as the foundation of a new musical empire. Behind the music and lights, the recording industry is a ruthless and unforgiving place, just as Mama had warned her girls. Sister, with her good looks and voice, is the natural headliner of the trio, yet her complicated personal life threatens to overshadow her talent; Delores has her sights set on a different kind of life outside the spotlight; and young Sparkle must push past her deepest fears if she is to fulfill her destiny--does she really have what it takes to go all the way? Riveting and soul-stirring, this timeless tale reminds us of the unbreakable bonds between family, the high price of fame and what can happen when we dare to show the world how brightly we can sparkle.

Selling My Soul
Sherri Lewis

National bestselling author Lewis delivers the emotionally compelling tale of a publicist who is forced to represent a pastor named in a church sex scandal, and finds her friendships, love life, and soul, threatened.

You Get What You Play For: A Novel
Jeff Farley

Screenwriter and new voice to fiction Jeff Farley delivers a nostalgic Brooklyn coming-of-age tale about finding love, holding on to dreams, and learning to forgive. It's 1992, Brooklyn, New York. All of the girls had bamboo earrings--at least two pair. Charisse Hawkins, adored and admired by her best friends and one of the smartest and most sought after girls in high school, has dreams of becoming a doctor. Her mother, who works tirelessly to support her, is proud she's on the right path. Then she meets him, Jamal Butler, a part-time college student who lives at home and works an obscure job. Too old, not her type, and certainly not part of her plan, Jamal wants Charisse for nothing more than to please his ego. He is willing to use any tactic to gain the affection of a naive Charisse. He offers what she's never known before--the love of a man. Or so it seems. Life takes a sharp turn when Charisse spends her graduation day giving birth to their premature daughter. Her priorities change and so does Jamal. Suddenly Charisse's world is turned upside down and truths are exposed about her family and friends. She begins a journey of tough life lessons as she struggles to come to grips with her role as mother and ultimately having to accept one of the simple rules of life: You Get What You Play For .

Full Figured 5
Plus Size Divas; Brenda Hampton; Rose Jackson-Beavers

With his Full Figured series, Carl Weber brings together some of Urban Books' hottest authors to entertain readers with their stories about the lives and loves of beautiful full-figured women. Follows the stories of Desa Rae, a full-sized diva who wants to rekindle her relationship with her ex boyfriend Roc; and Malika Payton, a happily married woman who suddenly starts lustfully fantasising about the new man in the office: can she control the passion that threatens to destroy everything she has worked so hard to achieve?

Angels Landing
Rochelle Alers

A national bestselling author delivers the second novel in her moving Cavanaugh Island contemporary romance series. Original.

Fatal Intentions: Sins of a Siren 2
Curtis L. Alcutt

A fast-paced thriller from the author of Sins of a Siren finds a young woman fighting for her life as she struggles to avoid her criminal past. After running away from home as a teen, seeking to escape her overprotective and heavily religious family, Trenda Fuqua is seduced by street life. Drug running, theft, and murder are part of the world she lands in. However, the religious teachings she grew up with are hard to shake off. Although she ended up in jail, Trenda manages to find peace within herself and rediscovers the Bible. She gets paroled, but temptation, bad luck, and threats to her family send her spinning down her former path of destruction. Can Trenda navigate the male-dominated criminal underworld? Following Sins of a Siren , Fatal Intentions grabs readers with a combination of action, thrills, and erotic excitement.

If I Can't Have You
Mary B. Morrison

Morrison, acclaimed "New York Times"-bestselling author of "Darius Jones" and "The Eternal Engagement," proves herself a masterful storyteller with this gripping new novel about an obsessed man and what he will do to make sure he gets the woman he wants.

Young-Minded Hustler

This thrilling, fast-paced novel introduces readers to a determined single mother who will do anything to protect her street-hustler son.

Some Wounds Never Heal
Rhonda Lawson

Alexis White spent much of her youth going after what she wanted and not caring about the damage. She didn't care who she hurt when she pursued an affair with Christopher, least of all his wife. Still reeling from the anguish of aborting Christopher's baby, Alexis tries to move on with her life. A decade later and she has a successful paediatrics practice and is engaged to the perfect man. When circumstances bring her back to her home town, it becomes clear that the sins of her past are not forgiven and someone is seeking revenge...the question is who?

Keeping Score
Regina Hart

He's an NBA legend, considered the best of the best. Now veteran player Warrick Evans is determined to lead his team all the way to the championship. It's his last shot before he retires, but the media can't get enough of his story - and all the attention is turning his team-mates against him, not mention his wife Marilyn. She now wants to focus on her own career and getting her own dream job. With the spotlight on them, Marilyn is reaching her breaking point. When a dark secret comes to light, it could destroy not only her career, but her marriage too.

The Other Side of Goodness
Vanessa Davis Griggs

Award-winning author Griggs--author of "Redeeming Waters" and "Blessed Trinity"--weaves a powerful, church-driven story of a single mother trying to make the wrongs from the past right.

Against All Odds
Gwynne Forster

Struggling to keep her corporate-recruiting firm afloat, Manhattan executive Melissa Grant has no time for love. Then Adam Roundtree walks into her life. But the charismatic businessman is no ordinary client. He's the man who can bring Melissa's career#151;and her heart#151;to life#133;until a shocking discovery jeopardizes their blossoming relationship. For Melissa and Adam, fate couldn't have played a crueler trick: their families have been embroiled in a stormy feud for generations, turning former business partners into lifelong enemies and leaving a bitter legacy that casts a long shadow. Then someone starts sabotaging Adam's work, and everything points to Melissa. Now they could lose everything#133;unless their love is strong enough to close the door on the past and open their hearts to the promise of the future.

Murderville: The Epidemic
Ashley Coleman; JaQuavis Coleman

New York Times best-selling authors Ashley & JaQuavis are back with the second installment in the epic Murderville Series. Love, murder, loyalty, and money fill this hood tale as they continue this international street saga. With Samad's target on her back, Liberty must survive the harsh streets alone. but when a chance encounter pushes her into the arms of a new friend, Po, the two take on the California kingpin and step full force into the game. As bullets and sparks fly, the unlikely pair embark on a serendipitous journey back to where it all started, Sierra Leone. With a new overseas connection, Po sees an opportunity that is too good to pass up. When his pursuit of the American dream conflicts with Liberty's past, will they be able to survive? Or will the drug empire that they've built together come crashing down?

The Beautiful Ones
Adrianne Byrd

LOVE IN PLAIN SIGHT... In a sequel to Unforgettable, successful businesswoman Ophelia Missler has never had time to look for Mr. Right-much less find him. Now she's engaged to wealthy businessman Jonas Hinton and is about to have the wedding of her dreams. But for some reason, she can't stop thinking about her longtime best friend, Solomon Bassett. She never suspected that Solomon has secretly adored her for years, and has been unable to tell her how he really feels. Now, with their friendship and future in the balance, Solomon and Ophelia will have to listen to their hearts and dare to follow, if they are ever going to discover an everlasting love.

Blackberry Days of Summer: A Novel
Ruth P. Watson

Herman is a beady-eyed, small-framed man with nice clothes and hat--and he is about to drastically change the lives of three women: Mae Lou Parker; her daughter, Carrie; and Pearl Brown in an exciting historical whodunit.

Antebellum: A Novel
R. K. Thomas

A thought-provoking novel about African-American culture seen through the eyes of a famous rapper who is transported to the days of slavery and forced to experience it firsthand. When Da Nigga is sent back in time, he finds himself a slave forced to live the life of his ancestors. A rapper in current time, Da Nigga must confront the reality of the African-American experience as slavery challenges everything he holds dear from his fellow rappers and their lyrics, to the executives and their motives. Antebellum is the hard-hitting, gritty story of Da Nigga. From rap superstar to broken slave and back, Antebellum will have readers on the edge of their seats and keep them talking long after they put it down.

Chocolate Dove
Cas Sigers

When aspiring jazz singer Dove Sadiq realises that singing in bars isn't enough to pay her tuition fees, she uses her exotic Somalian looks to enter into the world of modelling - but soon becomes introduced to the world of escorting, where there are plenty of men willing to support her extravagant lifestyle. When she falls in love with Grayson Charles, an abstract artist, she wants to leave the escort business behind, but it proves harder than she expected. How long will she be able to balance her life as the wife of one man and the fantasy of many?

A Dangerous Kiss
Francis Ray

Bestselling author Francis Ray will have fans cheering for the Grayson family's friends - when two perfectly matched opponents go one-on-one... Sexy, single sports consultant Payton "Sin" Sinclair has tackled the world's most valuable players - and most eligible women. But ever since his two best friends found love, despite his dangerous secret, he's tempted to take a chance himself. And that temptation is a woman named Summer... A self-made restaurant owner with a painful past, Summer has always counted on Sin. Beneath his smooth charm - and hard body - lies a tender-hearted friend who always keeps her going when the going gets tough. But now, swept up in her cousin's wedding plans, she's trying not to let the champagne - or Sin's innocent passes - go to her head. Because one dangerous kiss will only lead to another...

When Truth Is Gangsta: A Novel
Tecori Sheldon

After the gruesome murder of his parents, a young boy plots to rule the streets of Detroit, but first he must contend with a corrupt mayor and a serial killer murdering drug dealers. At age eight, an assault team storms Walker "Ruffneck" Story's rural Pennsylvania family compound, killing both of his parents. With the butler's help, Ruffneck escapes. He is then smuggled out of state and relocated to Detroit. Under the watchful eye of a mysterious lady, Granny Sinclair, Ruffneck reemerges eleven years later, hungry for power and revenge. He assembles a cutthroat street team, and together, they challenge the elitists in the dope game for control. Betrayal puts him behind bars to do a two-year stretch-- during the time when a serial killer starts preying on young drug dealers. While locked away, Granny Sinclair and Ruffneck's cousin are murdered. He returns to the street with a brand-new plan: to find and annihilate those responsible. His investigation not only uncovers the killers of his granny and cousin, but also sheds light on his parents' murderers. All fingers point to one man--the mayor of Detroit. Corruption, with enough explosive history behind it, place Ruffneck, the mayor, and the serial killer all on a collision course with the truth.

Destiny's Divas: A Novel
Victoria Christopher Murray

Another compelling novel by Murray, a surefire hit about three women struggling to bridge the dangerous gap between appearance and reality. Secrets, scandal, and sin abound in the private lives of popular evangelic gospel group Destiny's Divas in this page-turning and revealing novel.

Tell Me No Secrets
Nikki Michelle

When Chyanne discovered she was pregnant by Aric and then discovered that he was already married, she thought things couldn't get any worse. Unfortunately, she's learning that there are still plenty of secrets to go around. Add Aric's over-the-top wife to the equation and the fact that he's questioning the paternity of Chyanne's child and you've got a scrumptious recipe for disaster. Chyanne must find a way to escape the drama that unfolds when dealing with a smooth-talking, swagger-talking man, and her life depends on it.

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich: A Novel
J. D. Mason

Desdimona Green has been the name on everyone's lips in Blink, Texas. Twenty-five years ago, at the age of eighteen, she shot and killed one of the wealthiest men and pillars of the community, oil baron Julian Gatewood. The Gatewood family was considered untouchable, so the whole state of Texas was rocked to its core over Julian's murder. They were even more shocked to discover that Desi is Julian's daughter and her mother had been his lover for years. But when Desi gets out of jail and promptly inherits millions from Julian's estate, everyone knows that there is much more to the story - and Desi Green is the keeper of the Gatewood secrets, including what happened the night J ulian died. When a famous true crime reporter shows up on her doorstep wanting the full story, Desi agrees to reveal all, much to the horror of the Gatewoods, who will do anything to stop her. But Desi has more than a few tricks up her sleeve...

Brandi Johnson

Ra'Keeyah Jackson and her girls, Shayna and Quiana, will do whatever it takes to fulfil their million-dollar dreams. They want the hottest clothes, the finest men and money to burn and they'll stop at nothing to get it. Shoplifting sprees, married men's credit cards and passing bad cheques are their means of staying flush. Ra-Keeyah meets Brick, a street-smart hustler who makes her want to change her ways. Will she be able to resist when Shayna proposes an idea that is sure to keep their pockets full?

The Secret She Kept
ReShonda Tate Billingsley

Her novel Say Amen, Again won the NAACP Image Award, proving that ReShonda Tate Billingsley's storytelling "scores a direct hit" ( Publishers Weekly ), delighting and inspiring with powerful, soul-searching situations and unforgettable characters. How far will you go to save someone you love and trust when they've kept a dangerous secret for years? That's the question facing Lance Kingston, a successful Houston magazine executive whose recent marriage to beautiful, high-powered attorney Tia Jiles seemed to promise a bright future for both of them. But under the surface, a fierce and frightening storm was brewing. That's because Tia never revealed to Lance what she and her family have known since Tia was seventeen--she has an illness that takes over her mind, transforming her into a raging, violent woman hell-bent on destruction. Bipolar disorder. Schizophrenia. Or crazy, as Lance's grandmother continually reminds him. "Crazy leaves clues," she told him point-blank, and perhaps Lance should have listened. Tia's mother tries to pray the problem away . . . and Tia's doctors can't help her if she won't do what they advise. Now there's more than their marriage and Tia's survival at stake: Tia is pregnant, and Lance will stop at nothing to keep his troubled wife and unborn daughter safe. But at what price?

The Reverend's Wife
Kimberla Lawson Roby

From New York Times bestselling author Kimberla Lawson Roby comes the ninth installment in her award-winning Reverend Curtis Black series. It's been months since Reverend Curtis learned that his wife Charlotte had affairs with two different men, and for now, he continues to be cordial and respectful to her. But he's also made it clear that once their son Matthew graduates high school, he will be filing for divorce. Charlotte, on the other hand, continues to do everything possible to make amends in hopes of saving their marriage. Unfortunately, Curtis is ready to move on and is being propositioned by a woman who desperately wants to become the next Mrs. Curtis Black. When the situation heads down a path that is frighteningly shocking, could it be the final blow to this once blessed union?

Falling into Grace
Michelle Stimpson

"Essence"]-bestselling author Stimpson creates an unforgettable, page-turningnovel about one former R & B girl group member looking to reinvent herself as agospel singer.

Ada's Rules: A Sexy Skinny Novel
Alice Randall

Ada Howard, the wife of the preacher at Nashville's Full Love Baptist Tabernacle, has a whole lot of people to take care of. There's her husband, of course, and the flock that comes with him, plus the kids at the day care where she works, two grown daughters, and two ailing parents. It's no wonder she can't find time to take care of herself. And her husband's been so busy lately, she's suspicious some other woman may be taking care of him . . .Then it comes: the announcement of her twenty-five-year college reunion in twelve months' time, signed with a wink by her old flame. Ada gets to thinking about the thrills of young love lost, and the hundred or so pounds gained since her college days, and she decides it's high time for a health and beauty revival. So she starts laying down some rules. The first rule is: Don't Keep Doing What You've Always Been Doing. And so begins a long journey toward a new look and a new perspective--on what Ada wants, and on what she's always had.

At the End of the Day: A Novel
Suzetta Perkins

At the End of the Day is the exhilarating, heart-pounding, and action-packed follow-up to Nothing Stays the Same --emotional and sometimes stormy journey of several friends as they encounter and weather life's blessings and tragedies. Beautiful Denise Thomas is going to finally marry the love of her life--the man she should have married in the first place. Harold is the cousin of her ex-husband, Marvin Thomas, and he's also her baby's daddy. Sylvia and Kenny Richmond, Mona and Michael Broussard, Claudette and Tyrone Beasley, Trina and Cecil Coleman, and Rachel and Marvin Thomas--the ex-husband--come to New York to witness the beautiful wedding ceremony of Denise and Harold. They aren't the only witnesses; Michael Broussard runs into an old friend, Dr. Madeline Brooks, at the reception. Michael and Madeline were classmates in medical school, but it appears that they have been more than book buddies. It doesn't take Mona, Michael's wife, long to break up the happy reunion. The Thomases' wedding day is one to remember, but what no one knows is that Denise has discovered a lump in her remaining breast and the happy couple's new life together may be short-lived. At the end of the day, all that matters is the love and support of family and friends.

Natural Born Liar

The #1 "Essence" bestselling author returns with her trademark urban erotic style with this first book in a trilogy following the escapades of a New York City hustler pretending to be the long-lost daughter of an oil-rich Texas family.

God Don't Make No Mistakes
Mary Monroe

The bestselling author of "Mama Ruby" and "God Ain't Through Yet" returns with the long-awaited conclusion to her much-loved and bestselling God series, where two forever friends face big betrayals in their family and home lives.

Lady Elect
Nikita Lynette Nichols

When the bishop returns from a vacation in Jamaica with a new wife in tow, the mothers of his congregation are determined to oust the new Lady Elect. An all-out war ensues, and the church mothers are willing to try some pretty devious antics.

Price of Sin
Samuel L. Hair

Eureen, Tracey, Deja and Jasmine are all looking for relationships that are based on strong moral values - despite their own less than moral lifestyles. Following each characters quest for sexy thrills and spills, either reigniting flames in the marital bedroom or catching the attention of a gorgeous stranger, Samuel Hair's provocative and powerful novel is packed with plenty of drama and moral corruption. On their quest for love, these women will find out that sin comes with a price...but is it one that they can afford?

An Accidental Affair
Eric Jerome Dickey

James Thicke is a man whose mysterious past runs as deep as his violent streak. He's channelled the intensity of his soul into twin passions, success as a screenwriter and marriage to movie actress Regina Baptiste. In the midst of filming his latest script, starring Regina and leading man Johnny Bergs, James receives a video of his wife caught in the most compromising of situations. As it goes viral, James responds by attacking Johnny and has to go on the run with his wife. He tries to protect her from Hollywood's underbelly, but lust, blackmail and revenge overtake them.

Rapper's D-Lite
Sa'id Salaam

David Light, professionally known as D-Lite, wanted nothing else in life except to rap. His journey takes him from the mean streets of the South Bronx to the bright city lights of HotLanta! Childhood friends, Desean and Shelby are along for the long as faithful sidekicks. However, life at the top of the charts is more than they bargained for. Success transforms David into the image created for him by his label. The lines between art and life blur as envy turns to jealousy and jealousy turns to murder. Written by music business insider, Sa'id Salaam, Rapper's D-Lite is wildly entertaining but slyly intertwined with a moral message. In the end, decide for yourself if success is worth the price of fame.

Sweet Giselle
Karen Williams

Giselle thinks she has the perfect life. Her fine and sexy husband Giovanni is obsessed with his beautiful wife and gives her whatever her heart desires. What she doesn't know if that he's involved in kidnapping and drugging young girls to force them to perform in the adult films he produces. Giovanni's seedy dealings put his precious wife in danger. Giselle is kidnapped by vicious drug lord Bryce who is hell bent on revenge after he loses his daughter to Giovanni's porn business. He had planned to torture her, but instead finds himself falling in love with her...

I'll Be Your Everything
J. J. Murray

Shari is done with letting her incompetent boss steal her ideas and get the rewards. So while Corinne is in Australia, Shari decides to assume her identity, work a major ad account and prove who the real talent is. But when her main competition turns out to be Corinne's ruggedly sexy boyfriend, Shari thinks she's been caught out. But Tom couldn't be happier about Shari's deception! He's sick of Corinne's ego and has already noticed Shari's ability. Now he'll do whatever it takes to show her they're the perfect partners in the boardroom....and the bedroom.

Tracy Brown; Niobia Bryant; Grace Octavia; Cyndey Rax

Reckless showcases three of the finest writers in the street literature today: Cydney Rax, Niobia Bryant and Grace Octavia. Readers will be captivated by these thrilling tales of love, lust and betrayal. The anthology explores the choices a woman will make when faced with an indecent proposal: from desperate housewives with scandalous secrets to the life of a glamourous actress whose stardom is at stake.

A Wish and a Prayer
Beverly Jenkins

Anyone worried that living in a small town could be boring certainly hasn't lived in Henry Adams, Kansas. From the wealthy divorcÉe who saved this historic town founded by freed slaves to the romantic entanglements that have set tongues wagging and hearts fluttering (and everything in between), there's plenty to keep the lovably eccentric townsfolk busy. Preston Miles is happy living with his foster parents, but an e-mail from his maternal grandmother is about to change all that. . . . Riley Curry, the former town mayor, is convinced his pet hog, Cletus, acted in self-defense when he sat on'and killed'a man. Now Riley just has to prove it in a court of law. . . . And as for Rocky, she has already had a lifetime of hurt. Will she risk opening her heart'and her life'to Jack? Warm, funny, poignant, and unforgettable, Beverly Jenkins's latest excursion to Henry Adams is a true delight'a welcome return to a place that always feels like home.

Sultry Nights
Donna Hill

Her Rules Dominique Lawson lives life on her terms, making up the rules along the way. This beautiful Lawson twin and heiress to a glittering Louisiana dynasty goes after what she wants-and usually gets it. But Trevor Jackson seems immune to her charms. That's until Dominique plots her all-out sensual assault on the blatantly sexy contractor, who's as cool as they come. Now passion is heating up the Southern sky.... His Passion Dominique may be his boss, but Trevor plans to show the pampered princess what desire is really about. Never mind that they clash on just about everything-it's only a matter of time before the blue-blooded beauty is his. Can he convince Dominique that they belong together, now and for all the sensual nights to come?

The Block
Treasure Hernandez

Renowned author Treasure Hernandez delivers an explosive tale of love and loyalty in a criminal underworld. Detective Abraham is obsessed with power and money, so he has figured out a way to play on both sides of the tracks when it comes to organised crime. Abraham's son Touch seems to have it all - until his father crosses a line that changes everything. Touch enters a plan with his father to destroy one of the most feared suppliers in the country, Santiago. But Touch must question his own loyalty when he falls in love with Santiago's beautiful daughter Serena.

What You Sow
Wallace Ford

From the glitz and glamour to the power struggles and private dramas, Wallace Ford's engaging sequel to The Pride (Dafina, 2005) is a juicy and revealing look into the world of New York's African-American elite and uncovers all the secrets only an insider could reveal. Follows the lives of four men and women who inhabit a world where money and power walk hand in hand, including an investment banker whose appetite for cocaine has left him comotose and his gold-digging wife who is hoping he won't make a miraculous recovery, but turns out she's not the only one...

Payback Ain't Enough
Wahida Clark

The #1 Queen of Street Lit WAHIDA CLARK delivers the latest installment in her best-selling series PAYBACK AIN'T ENOUGH Filled with the same glamour, sex and danger, we dive back into the hip-hop drama where old rivalries and new beefs arise in Detroit's blood-drenched drug turf. Shan is now married to Briggen, the much desired former hustler turned legitimate businessman. With one child and another on the way, Shan's life is about to get turned upside down. In a day she'll go from being the envy of the streets to having her life on the line. Briggen, a man leading a double life, wants to know who killed his brother, Forever. He wants revenge but it's only a matter of time before Briggen's own lies catch up with him. Nick is back in the big 'D' and ready to take over the game. The only thing standing in his way is a buried secret from his past that is about to come back to haunt him. It's only a matter of time before ambitions and secrets collide and revenge goes a step too far. In this game of power and intrigue where the stakes are high and the rewards are dazzling, the losers are gonna discover - there's always a price to pay. After nine and a half years in federal prison and ten months in the hole, New York Times bestselling author, Wahida Clark, has truly earned her place among the greatest in urban fiction.

Danger at Every Turn
Devon Vaughn Archer

When retired FBI forensic psychologist Spencer Berry breaks up a scuffle between gang members, a chase ensues, leading Spencer to a creek where he discovers the nude remains of a young woman. Deidre Lawdrence, who lives behind this creek, finds herself drawn to Spencer Berry as someone she could have a real future with assuming they can get past disturbing events that threaten to come between them.

Low down and Dirty: A Novel
Vickie M. Stringer

In yet another fast-paced and spiraling edition in the bestselling series featuring Dirty Red, Stringer writes about a woman who will do anything to save her life and the people who go so low in attempts to stop her.

Eric Pete

His real name is Truth, but most don't call him that. He's a man - a ghost - a figment that the lucky ones don't even know exists. He's someone you really don't want to know. But sometimes the past can come back to bite even the most prepared. Now, the man who is paid to destroy people's lives finds himself suddenly having to save one and those who stand in his way better look out.

Livin' Ain't Easy
Peron Long

Devlin is a 32-year-old former schoolteacher whose development of a line of educational tools has made him a very wealthy man. Suddenly, his gold-digging ex is back, trying to rekindle their relationship. Simone Jackson is a 31-year-old television talk show host - too bad her personal life isn't going so well. She dreams of settling down with a nice man, but her ex-lover is determined not to let that happen. When Devlin and Simone meet, she immediately becomes the friend that he needs - and he becomes the dream she's wished to have for years.

If It Isn't Love
Dwayne S. Joseph

A shocking medical diagnosis forces Jean Stapleton-Blige to contemplate her life. She's married to a prominent minister, lives in a beautiful house and has raised three successful children. A casual observer would think she leads a charmed life - because they have no idea what this illusion of happiness has cost her. The truth is that Jean's children want nothing to do with her and her husband is busy seducing other women. With only six months to live, can she fulfil her dying wish of making them a family again?

Recipe for Desire
Cheris Hodges

At 27, Marie Charles is still the town's number one party girl. But when she adds a drink-driving charge to her list of tabloid news-making escapades, her daddy is done bailing her out. She is sentenced to 500 hours of community service at My Sister's Keeper, a homeless shelter for women. Renowned chef and TV star Devon Harris volunteers at My Sister's Keeper. And he's not happy Marie is joining him - the last thing he's interested in is a superficial southern belle. But as Marie outgrows her selfishness, Devon is turned on by the woman she's becoming...

Naomi Chase

After being acquitted for murder, Tamia Luke is on a mission to reclaim everything she lost. Her reputation, her job and most importantly, her boyfriend Brandon. She will stop at nothing to get him back - even if she has to resort to a little deception. Meanwhile her sister Fiona has landed a top job that has her hobnobbing with famous athletes and attenting glitzy parties. But she is hiding a dark past - she never meant to betray her sister, but it was the only way to escape trouble. Now the sisters are bound by a shocking secret that has the power to destroy them both...

Private Passions
Rochelle Alers

Successful journalist Emily Kirkland never expected that her longtime friendship with gubernatorial candidate Christopher Delgado could ignite a dangerously irresistible desire that would result in their secret marriage. Now, with scandal and a formidable enemy threatening their most cherished dreams, Emily must uncover the truth, risking all for a passion that could promise forever....


Escapting from drama and heartache, three former college friends--Denise, Lena and Cooley--arrive in New York City to follow their dreams.

The Family Business
Carl Weber; Eric Pete

From the author of The Choir Director comes the first book in a new trilogy. When the patriarch of the Duncan family decides to leave the family's successful car dealership in the hands of his workaholic son Orlando, the remaining Duncan siblings make a play for their own piece of the business.

Dark Side of Valor: A Novel
Alicia M. Singleton

Lelia survives a traumatic childhood and now works in an LA children's shelter to help others avoid her experiences.  But when she travels to Washington to serve on a special task force, she becomes a political pawn, Kidnapped and taken to Africa, Leila finds her life in danger in this fast paced thriller debut.

When Solomon Sings
Kendra Norman-Bellamy

When he falls i love with Shaylynn Ford, Neil Taylor, gifted with an amazing voice, finds their relationship threatened by his past as well as the constant feeling that he'll never measure up against Shaylynn's late husband.

A Seductive Kiss
Francis Ray

Close friends Dianna Harrington, an internationally known spokesperson for her family's fashion empire, and Alex Stewart, a successful New York lawyer, must decide whether or not to take their relationship to the next level.

What Kind of Fool
Rhonda McKnight

MThrough financial and physical trials, Angelina Preston discovers that faith and forgiveness will help her overcome anything.  Her soon to be ex-husband Dr. Gregory Preston, who had an affair with a devious man-stealer, will do anything to win Angelina back.

Gathering of Waters
Bernice L. McFadden

Tess Hilson--the girlfriend of Emmett Till, who in real life was a black boy murdered by a group of whites--leaves the town of Money, Mississippi, after Emmet's murder.  She relocates to Detroit where she lives out her life for 40 years, until something calls her back to Money, where she finds Emmett's spirit ready to rekindle their love.

Recipe for Desire
Cheris Hodges

Sentenced to 500 hours of community service for a DWI, party girl Marie Charles is scheduled to work at My Sister's Keeper, a homeless shelter for women. There, she meets volunteer Devon Harris, a renowned chef and TV star. He may be single--and she may be gorgeous--but the last thing he's interested in is a superficial southern belle.

If I Could
Donna Hill

Tired of her old life, Regina Everette divorces her husband and the father of her two children, quits her unfulfilling job and scandalizes her family and friends.  She sets out to rebuild her life by finding a new career and entering into a dynamic new relationship.

Keeping Secrets and Telling Lies
Trice Hickman

The ultimate power couple, Victoria, the owner of one of Atlanta's hottest event planning companies, and Ted, a highly successful CEO, find their perfect life shattered by long-held desires and decades old secrets that come back to haunt them.

Baby Momma
Ni'chelle Genovese

Filled with tragedy, irony, violence, and betrayal, this gritty page-turner is a cautionary tale for all baby mommas--and a warning to all baby daddies.

One Way or Another
Rhonda Bowen

Atlanta reporter Toni Shields, who will do anything to get a good story, is getting close to Adam Bayne, the director of the local men's rehab center.  But she finds their relationship, future, and faith threatened by her family secret and Adam's devastating past.

Girls from Da Hood 6
Ashley Antoinette, Amaleka G. McCall, JaQuavis Coleman

This sixth installment in the highly popular street drama includes Red Bottom Bandits, in which Sonny Reagan and her girls, addicted to fast cash and high-end fashion, become hood royalty until a robbery goes horribly wrong.

The Gravedigger's Ball: A Coletti Novel
Solomon Jones

Just weeks after tracking down a killer known as the Angel of Death, Detective Mike Coletti stands at Mary Smithson's grave, mourning the woman whose betrayal nearly cost him his life. He's joined there by Mary's beautiful half-sister, Lenore. Moments later, a gunshot splits the air, placing Coletti on a collision course with the Gravedigger, a killer hell-bent on deciphering the secret of life and death. As bodies drop and tensions mount, clues are plucked from the victims, and one thing is abundantly clear - Lenore is the killer's ultimate target. But to stop the Gravedigger, Coletti and his partners must go beyond protecting Lenore. They must go to the one place where life and death routinely meet. They must go back to the grave.